Do These Things and You Will Be Happier

Here are the things that are proven to make you happier

Mental Health has been primarily focused on fixing people’s problems – reducing their agonies. Now, psychology is opening a new direction called, appropriately, “Positive Psychology.”

This article does a great job of summarizing what we have learned so far about living a happy life. Here is a short list of what the article covers:

  1. Show Gratitude – it makes you happier, improves relationships, and can make life better for you and those around you.
  2. Use Your Strengths – Identify your signature strengths and use them in your work
  3. Spend Time with People You Like – sharing time makes people happier
  4. Money Only Buys Baseline Happiness – There are better places to put your energy than earning money if you want happiness
  5. Give to Others – giving makes us happier than receiving
  6. Savor the Moments – paying attention to each moment allows us to experience what is really important instead of being distracted
  7. Strive to Do More – setting goals helps focus effort on growing and learning

Click here to check out the full article.



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