Germany seeks formula for happiness – What’s in it for you?

Germany seeks formula for happiness

Here is a story about how Germany is trying to measure happiness for the entire country. They want to measure their value not merely on income, but on a broad quality of life measure. They want to consider the happiness of everyone in their country.

What are they looking to create in order to become happier? A better atmosphere for relationships. They are following the country of Bhutan which measures itself on a 9-dimension happiness scale that go beyond standard of living issues to include psychological well-being, community vitality, cultural diversity, resilience and time use.

I think we can all learn about sources of happiness in our lives from the dimensions used by Bhutan. And if a German Parliament panel is thinking about it for a whole country, maybe there is something in it for each of us.



2 Responses to Germany seeks formula for happiness – What’s in it for you?

  1. plf1990 says:

    This is really interesting. What leapt to my mind was having a little more of everything you need than necessary. A little more food, a little more money, a little more time, a little more love… Just enough so you don’t have that horrible moment when you’re scrabbling to find how much you need and you’re not sure you’re going to fill your bucket.

    • Steven Silverman says:

      Yes. There is a minimum amount we all need, then a cushion beyond that that can help to reduce stress in those situations. Sorry for the late reply – your comment went into my spam folder :-). Thank you for commenting.

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