CBT – learn a life changing skill in 5 minutes


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is as effective as medication in many cases for treating anxiety and depression. CBT comes down to this: How to react in a controlled way (not automatically) to our world, mentally and emotionally. CBT is a practice of changing your mind and feelings consciously. It is not hard to learn, but takes practice and use for it to work

This page is called “STOPP from GetSelfHelp.co.uk  describes how to use CBT in a short, easy to understand explanation. In just 5 minutes you can learn what it means to “do CBT.” The acronym STOPP helps you remember what to do to practice CBT:

  1. Stop and step back from the situation, in your mind
  2. Take a breath and notice as you breathe in and out
  3. Observe what you are thinking and feeling – is it appropriate given the reality of the world outside?
  4. Pull Back and put in some perspective – what would an outside viewer think of the situation?
  5. Practice what works best for you and most helpful in the situation

These 5 steps are the basic structure for stopping automatic thinking and replacing it with a more thoughtful, deliberate and smart approach.

The site also has worksheets you can download to practice the STOPP approach to CBT.


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