Mindfulness Meditation as a Self Help Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

An update on mindfulness meditation as a self-help treatment for anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness meditation appears to help reduce depression and anxiety, though we need more formal research, according to this research article.

The article states that “research has also consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of mindfulness training on stress reduction and reducing negative mood states, as well as for improving the emotional well-being and quality of life of individuals dealing with chronic physical illness (e.g., hypertension, human immunodeficiency virus, depression secondary to pain).”

How does meditating help? According to the article, “meditation involves the intentional and repeated practice of intentionally activating the body’s relaxation response and has shown potential to improve one’s ability to manage stress, which has been shown to underlie various physical and psychological illnesses.”

What is Mindfulness? “Mindfulness refers to the process of intentionally bringing one’s attention, in a nonjudgmental manner, to the internal and external experiences that exist in the present moment. This may include awareness of sensations, thoughts, bodily states, consciousness, and the environment, while simultaneously encouraging openness, curiosity, and acceptance.”

How do you practice mindfulness? Check out this post to watch a video and learn more.



6 Responses to Mindfulness Meditation as a Self Help Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

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  4. Therapist60 says:

    For those willing to try a psychological/spiritual approach to dealing with depression I found this very helpful website. I recommend it to many of my psychotherapy clients with whom I am working with for depression. http://depression.lightunlimitedpublishing.com. The tools offered actually work for those willing to apply themselves. Having worked with depressed clients for 40 years I find that therapy with a psychotherapist who has experience with depression and some good self-help tools like those mentioned above is a good long term solution to ending depression. It takes real commitment on the part of the depressed individual to getting out of that dark place but it can be done.

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