Achieving Happiness – Principles You Can Use

Achieving Happiness: Cultivating courage, compassion and connection – Achieving Happiness.

Here is a review of a book by Brene Brown called “Daring Greatly.” The article summarizes practices you can use to become happier. Recommendations include changing your thinking from:

  • dwelling other people’s judgments to being authentic.
  • perfectionistic ruminating to self-compassion.
  • wanting to numb their pain to pursuing solutions.
  • fearing not having enough to appreciating what they have.
  • needing certainty to cultivating faith in the future.
  • comparing themselves to others to being creative.
  • working long hours is a status symbol to playing is important.
  • worrying incessantly to creating calm.
  • feeling dissatisfied at work to engaging in meaningful activities.
  • needing to be in control to laughing and letting go.

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