What Makes Us Happy Changes As We Age

This article is from Shine on Yahoo – Canada. The author interviews Jennifer Aaker about how our definition of happiness changes over our lifetime. Here Aaker describes her research on happiness that studied 12 million+ personal blogs:

“We found that younger bloggers described experiences of happiness as being times when they felt excited, ecstatic, or elated — the way you feel when you’re anticipating the joys the future will bring — like finding love, getting ahead at work, or moving to a new town.

Older bloggers were more inclined to describe happy experiences as moments of feeling peaceful, relaxed, calm, or relieved — the way you feel when you’re getting along with your spouse, staying healthy and able to make your mortgage payments. This kind of happiness is less about what lies ahead, and more about being content in your current circumstances.”

The rest of the interview is found here: How our idea of happiness changes as we get older – Shine from Yahoo! Canada.

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