ULifeline: Mental health resources for college students

ULifeline: Mental health resources for college students.

Here is a resource you may find useful at any age, though it targets college students. It provides information on mental illnesses, as well as information on staying well. It provides articles that are clear and easy to  understand. It also has a search engine that finds resources for help on college campuses across the country. A self-evaluation tool identifies current issues as well as offering guidance on dealing with them. Jed Foundation provides the site.



NAMI – Supporting Mental Health on Campus

NAMI on Campus

The National Alliance for Mental Health (also known as NAMI) provides information and support for developing campus awareness of mental health issues. “NAMI on Campus” is their program for college students. Their Web page provides program-related items – education, presentations, etc. – that you can download. More broadly the NAMI organization offers lots of information throughout their site. It is a great resource for knowledge and action!

University mental-health resources strained under increased need

University mental-health resources strained under increased need.

Here is an article from the USA Today that discusses the over-burdened demand for mental health services on campuses. If your campus services are busy, keep trying to get an appointment or seek guidance on other resources in your area. We are all responsible for our own care, but we need to ask and be persistent (sometimes) in order to get it.

According to the article, “approximately 2.2 million students across the country sought professional counseling assistance last year. The annual survey included 293 counseling centers, which represent 2.7 million students who are eligible for counseling services at their institutions.” The good news is that people are seeking help – the bad news is it can take time to get it.

Steven Pinker speaks about mental illness on campus

Harvard Speaks Up – YouTube.

Steven Pinker, a world-renowned psychologist at Harvard University talks about recognizing mental illness and getting help. You are not alone!


Depression on Campus – YouTube

Depression on Campus – YouTube.

Here is a student who shares his experience with depression. You are not alone!

OURspace: Mental Health Support for College Students


The University of Minnesota student association provides this website as “a safe and protected UofMN student-operated 24-hour online place to connect and share experiences.” Students have uploaded their own videos about their experiences with their mental health challenges. The site allows visitors to “check out the videos and the chat rooms to share experiences, ask questions, and help one another with whatever is on your mind.”

Strength Of Us: Mental Health Support for Young Adults

Strength Of Us.

Strength of Us is a website that is “designed to inspire young adults affected by mental health issues to think positive, stay strong and meet their goals through peer support and resource sharing.” The site is a place to share experiences and learn from others who live with mental illness.

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