Becoming Happier – Practical Things You Can Do Now

The Pursuit of Happiness

There have been thousands of books and articles written on happiness. Across these works, some consistent ideas have emerged for being happy. This article from Psychology Today covers many practical steps you can take, including:

  1. Practice Mindfulness – bring yourself into the present moment and enjoy what you are experiencing right now instead of living in your mind in the past or the future
  2. Set Goals – We are happier when we are making progress toward things that make us happy
  3. Keep Choice Options Small – too many choices for a given situation drives stress, reducing the set of options to a critical few can help
  4. Write Gratitude Notes – Write notes or letters to yourself or others expressing gratitude for what you experience each day
  5. Live Your Values – Take steps to become your ideal vision of yourself

The full article can be found here.


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