Parent & Teen Suicide Prevention Video from Mayo Clinic

This video, produced by Mayo Clinic, encourages parents to ask parents and others to ask depressed kids “are you thinking about killing yourself?” gives clear examples of how to speak with kids who are struggling.

Talk to your child. Don’t just let it go if you have concerns. This video may help you talk with your child or teen.

Don’t wait until you ask “why didn’t I do more?”



Mayo Clinic Uses Music Video to Encourage Teens to Seek Help

Reach Out – Preventing Teen Suicide – YouTube.

The Mayo Clinic has produced a music video (about 2 minutes) to encourage teens to reach out for help when they are dealing with stress, depression and other mental health issues. This is worth sharing, IMO.


Teens & Kids Who Suffer From Depression, Signs, Prevention, Parenting and more

Depression Information for Parents, Teens, and Kids

This page provides a range of resources – links, training, brochures, handouts, etc. – for parents, teens and kids to learn about depression. It comes from Families for Depression Awareness. Here are a few statistics about depression from the site:

  1. Depression begins in adolescence: average depression onset age is 14 years.
  2. Teen depression is common: by the end of their teen years, 20% will have had depression.
  3. Depression is treatable: more than 70% of teens improve with a combination of medication and therapy.
  4. 80% of teens with depression don’t receive help.
  5. Untreated depression has serious consequences. It can lead to:
    • Substance abuse (24% to 50%).
    • Academic failure.
    • Bullying (30% for those bullied, 19% for those doing the bullying).
    • Other disorders (e.g. Eating disorder).
    • Suicide (the 3rd leading cause of death among 10 to 24 year olds).
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