Family Support in Mental Illness – Video

Supportive family and friends can help reduce a sense of stigma for someone with mental illness.This 5 minute video is part of NAMI‘s campaign to cut down the stigma around mental health. It is a first-person account that shows how one woman (Yashi Brown) experiences her family’s support during her difficult times. Her mother (Rebbie Jackson-Brown) and sister (Stacy) share their own views on being supportive. It is a good example of one family’s approach to support and reducing stigma.


A mother helps son in his struggle with schizophrenia – The Washington Post

A mother helps son in his struggle with schizophrenia – The Washington Post.

What is it like to be the parent of a young adult with schizophrenia? This lengthy article from the Washington Post describes how one mother and son are dealing with his illness. The story points out how much life is a day-to-day experience when one has mental illness. Some days are good.

Strength Of Us: Mental Health Support for Young Adults

Strength Of Us.

Strength of Us is a website that is “designed to inspire young adults affected by mental health issues to think positive, stay strong and meet their goals through peer support and resource sharing.” The site is a place to share experiences and learn from others who live with mental illness.

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